5 things you didn’t know about Prosecco

Michael Punton
By Michael Punton
over 3 years ago
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Everyone knows Champagne is a place, but here’s something you might not have known (and we’ll give you this one for free): Prosecco is a place too.

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We’re, like, 86% sure when Belinda Carlisle belts out her banger ‘Heaven is a place on Earth’, she’s referring to Prosecco. The little town you didn’t know you need to visit.

Here are 5 fun facts about Prosecco that are sure to wow your friends and potential life partner at parties (and if you need wine for your wedding, you know where to go *wink wink*). 

1. It’s quite the name changer

The first mention of this magical place was in 1308, where it went by ‘Prossecho’. Then began a series of wild name changes that can only be explained by the country entering into some primitive witness protection program. ‘Prosec’ in 1372, ‘Prossegk’ in 1421 and ‘Proseck’ and ‘Prosseck’ in 1494 (busy year). 

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2. It’s quite mild

With highs maxing out at 27 degrees in summer and lows as low as 20 degrees in winter, it’s just a slightly cooler Australia. Well, the eastern cities anyway. The winter sounds a bit meh, unless you’re into that sorta thing, but the summer sounds absolutely brimming with potential. Imagine a glass or two of Giusti Rosalia on all the porches you could have.

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3. It’s quite quiet

In 2011, the population was only 1,349. BAM! How’s that for a stat? Sounds like the type of place where everyone knows everyone and the whole town pitches in when old mate Susie needs her roof fixed. But it’s about time for another census, methinks.

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4. It’s quite tucked away

If we keep the analogy of Italy being a boot going, then Prosecco is the tip of the skirt she’s wearing. Up in the north-east, P-town is just a short stroll from Slovenia and a skip and a jump to Croatia.

5. It’s quite festive

Like any good European wine region, they know how to throw a party and celebrate the literal fruits of their labour. The Conegliano Valdobbiadene Festival is held in May and comes with all the food and Prosecco you can muster. Did we mention it takes place in a castle

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