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Summer Lee
By Summer Lee
over 1 year ago
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It's that time again: finally the time to order drinks for staff events after a year of missing out on social Fridays, because, well, you know why.  The venue's sorted, office it is!  The food's all good and the wine... Well, the wine needs some help. 

That's where James Katsaros – Vinomofo for Business Account Executive – comes in. Want to save time, money and treat your taste buds to wine that blows away the competition, whatever your budget?

Meet James. You're gonna get along just fine.


Hey, James - so what do you do?

"I look after all business and corporate sales here at the 'fo. My job is to get to know your office and how, when and what your team love to drink. I make sure every work event ends with everyone in the office loving you for your wine choices. My job is to make you – the person ordering the drinks – look like a total legend. " 

What do you specifically do for businesses?

"I aim to provide a personal approach that allows clients access to me 24/7 for all wine related matters. Not every organisation is the same, so versatility is the key in ensuring that we are providing the right producer, region and price point that our corporate mofo’s desire!"

What about office drinks, the classic office Christmas parties, and larger work events?

"It’s a hectic time of year and budgets are a ‘thing’ post-Covid, so we have a wide range of options in regards to price point to ensure everyone can take part and enjoy the party. 

We have also  noticed a big trend on themed events, involving countries we all wish we were jet setting to right now, so we have access to a vast array of varieties that our Wine Buyers handpick from our favourite European producers to bring the holidays to you."

Tell us about client gifts and staff incentives?

"We are working on some very exciting corporate gifting options that will be up and running very soon, so we are very excited! Watch this space… And, as for incentives we love our mofo’s referring us to their colleagues, and receiving discounts on their next purchase is something we love to do!"

What are your go-to wines for Friday Night drinks?

"It’s fairly seasonal, but the evergreens for Friday night footy is always a nice Yarra Valley chardonnay or Barossa shiraz.

For me, it's hard to go past a South Australian family producer. As a proud South Australian myself, a handcrafted and full-bodied Barossa Shiraz that is my absolute go-to for winter." 


Still unsure, or want to know more? Get the best upgrade your office can get.

Contact James by email: james.katsaros@vinomofo.com. He's got you covered.

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