Foods to pair with grenache

By Vinomofo
10 months ago
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Grenache - a rich, ripe red bursting with flavour. So what to pair? Here's five suggestions that we go-to every time.

Chicken and chorizo paella


If paella’s your thing, we’ve got a whole other guide for which wines are great to pair based on the ingredients you’re adding - though if it’s chicken and chorizo in your paella, grenache is what we’d be reaching for. Those juicy red and darker red fruits of a grenache (think strawberries and plums) will really vibe against that savoury meaty and spice of the dish, without overwhelming anything. The salt of the chorizo will also enhance the fruit sweetness of the wine, plus grenache’s dried herb characters will find a home set against the paella too.


Roast cauliflower w. tahini sauce

We’re going with a middle-eastern inspired pairing here, with a nutty roast cauliflower smothered in an umami rich tahini sauce. Those base flavours will give a fun and vibrantly fruited grenache heaps to contrast against, allowing what's in your glass to really sing without outshining the food pairing.

Stuffed roast capsicums

Another veggie pairing that we love with grenache - stuffed roasted capsicums. It’s a dish where you’re free to choose your own adventure in terms of a filling to contrast against the sweet, roasted capsicum, and grenache is a great versatile red to pair here too - not afraid of a little spice, with enough fruit sweetness and depth to keep everything in balance. Winner winner.


Carne asada tacos

Carne asada tacos - thin strips of beef marinated in citrus and spice - are a great match for a grenache too. A deep, savoury dish is going to make sure that the bright, vibrant fruits of grenache shine through, as it creates that winning contrast that allows flavours to play off each other. Grenache blends like GSM are also a good shout here too, but for our money you can’t beat a juicy single varietal.


Grilled kangaroo

Grenache is a fantastic option for when you’re firing up the bbq, as it pairs fantastically with most grilled meats and veggies. Our favourite go-to is pairing a McLaren Vale grenache with kangaroo - a classic Aussie match up, grenache brightens up the rich iron gamey-ness of the kangaroo without detracting from its depth. Mouthwateringly juicy and perfect for summer arvos.

Remember - the joy of pairing is in the discovery, so don't be afraid to experiment with what works for your palette.

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