Three wicked wine cocktails for Halloween

By Vinomofo
12 months ago
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Halloween is a mishmash of customs with pagan roots that date back to an ancient festival celebrating saints, martyrs and other departed souls. Today, it’s an excuse to throw a party, eat lots of candy (and give away a few bags worth) and dress-up like a demogorgon, 'cause why not? 


When else is it socially acceptable for strangers to knock on your door and ask for free sweets and smash your windows if you don’t cough up? And that’s before you even consider the countless opportunities Halloween presents for hideous craft fails, horrid cuts from carving out pumpkins and third-degree burns from fireworks. 

It’s times like these that you need a little dutch courage to see you through all the crazy, so we’ve prepared some killer wine potions to ensure you have a wicked time.

Spine-chilling Sangria

A scary twist on a Spanish classic, serve this classic summer punch in a pumpkin to keep you chilled – even in the depths of hell.


1 Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin

1 lemon, lime, orange

1.5 cups of rum

1 cup of orange juice

1/2 cup of sugar

1 bottle of dry red

2 cups of soda water

Preparation: Combine wine, rum, orange juice, sugar and stir in a large jug until the sugar dissolves. Chop up lemon, lime and orange, add to the jug and then leave in the fridge until it’s nice and cold. Add soda and serve. Being bad never tasted so good.

Black Kiss

A mofo take on a classic cocktail using our own sparkling wine and a splash of Ireland’s finest black magic. Called ‘Bisou Bisou’, meaning ‘kiss, kiss’ in French, this femme fatale casts deadly spells on those tempted by her sorcery.


1 part sparkling

1 part Guinness 

Preparation: Fill a tall Champagne flute halfway with ice-cold sparkling wine and float stout beer on top of the wine. Et voilà, a killer cocktail in under 30 seconds.

Shiraz Slasher

A shady version of a San Francisco Sangaree, we’ve renamed this blood-coloured tincture as a homage to shiraz’s murderous ambition to take over every single vineyard in the world. What can we say, it’s got issues, but those are soon forgotten with one taste of this tonic.


4 cherries

10 ml simple syrup

45 ml shiraz

30 ml bourbon

1 lemon slice

Preparation: First, throw together a simple sugar syrup by mixing equal parts of hot water and sugar until dissolved. Muddle the cherries in a cocktail shaker, and add some ice cubes, the syrup, wine and bourbon. Shake it up, strain into a tumbler, top with a lemon slice and bury the hatchet. 

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