We've got the Blanc de Blancs that you want (for spring)

Ella Penham
By Ella Penham
over 1 year ago
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Unico Zelo Harvest Blanc de Blancs NV

As the weather will surely begin to heat up soon, our minds turn to those refreshing beverages perfect for long days with that added sunshine. Warmer weather brings with it long lunches, catch ups with friends and celebrations (surely) as we reach the end of the year.

Nothing goes better with this than an Aperol Spritz, am I right? Blanc de blancs are the perfect sparkling wine for the season. If you’re a fan of white grapes, white wine and Champagne bubbles, it doesn’t get much better than this.


It's Blanc de Blancs that you want to bring to the party

We’re calling it now. The Unico Zelo Harvest Blanc de Blancs NV sparkling is set to become the new summer sipper!

The Unico Zelo Harvest Blanc de Blancs is seriously refreshing, making it perfect for enjoying in as the weather heats up. It is made using 100% chardonnay grapes, but don’t let this turn you off it if you’re not a fan of chardonnay. You won’t find classic chardonnay flavours in this wine, only refreshing flavours that create a party in your mouth. 

This Blanc de Blancs is packed full of refreshing flavours and crisp acidity that come together for a taste sensation. It’s the kind of sparkling wine that is all too easy to drink, making it a perfect pairing to a warm day with friends. You don’t need to think twice about cracking this open as well at such an affordable price point. 

The Unico Zelo Harvest Blanc de Blancs NV is sure to be a crowd pleaser with its refreshing dry palate and delicious flavours of lemon and lime. You won’t want to add anything to it - this wine is perfect as it is. 

Move over Aperol Spritz, there is a new refreshing beverage in town. And it doesn’t need to be turned into a cocktail to be perfectly refreshing. But if it really has to be an Aperol sip you are after (we get it), be sure to head here for real mofo-style guidance on the perfect spring drink.

Or if you’re just wanting something particularly tasty in a more physiological sense, head to our sparkling wine collection and start shopping.

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