Rosé all day: A hashtag journey

By Vinomofo
over 1 year ago
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We already know that the pink drink has blown up worldwide.


History before hashtags

First it was the French, then the Spanish, and now the whole world is tickled pink over a refreshing glass of rosé. To give you an inkling as to popularity of this lil’ drinkling, these days the French actually consume more rosé than white wine. But what led to this meteoric rise in popularity?

It’s not as if rosé is particularly new. It’s actually one of the oldest wines out there, with Greek traders introducing vines to the Provence area around 2,600 years ago. And while the Greeks, I’m sure, planted the grapes for delicious wine, what they were really doing was planting a seed. A seed that has provided the deep roots for a rosé revolution.

We could explore rosé a thousand different ways but if a picture paints a thousand words, a hashtag re-roofs a house. It’s one thing to enjoy drinking the stuff, but if you really want to join the conversation you need to understand the real language of rosé: hashtags. 


Used to promote rosé as an all day erryday kinda drink, scroll through this hashtag on Instagram and you’ll find young, beautiful people enjoying the sunshine and their disgustingly perfect bodies with a glass of pink in hand. Morning, night, it doesn’t matter – they’re cheersing to the good life.

Aesthetics aside, they raise a great point. Rosé is smashable throughout the day, be it a boozy brunch, dusk or dinner, and this flexibility has contributed to its worldwide popularity. Not too heavy, not too light, if Goldilocks had a breakfast toast to make, rosé would be her jam.


Savvy millennials cleverly adapted this phrase from the old favourite ‘no way José’ and haven’t looked back since. Though José’s true identity is yet to be uncovered, sources confirm that his Instagram account is absolutely on point.

Used to convey the drinker’s attitude towards rosé, this hashtag spreads positive, rose-tinted vibes around the world, a contagious enthusiasm that just keeps on growing. It’s the catchcry of a generation and a sign of the wines – rosé is here to stay.


This hashtag really picks up steam over spring and summer but the irony of it is not lost on drinkers – every season is, in fact, rosé season. However, these months particularly resonate with rosé drinkers for two reasons:

1) A chilled glass of rosé is undoubtedly the greatest thirst quencher out there.

2) When the sun is shining, the pale pink colour of rosé takes photo opportunities to the next level.

There’s no doubt rosé is the prettiest of all wines, and in an online world where appearance is seemingly everything, the allure of a fine-lookin’ vino can be too much to resist. 


Smash the patriarchy and smell the rose petals. Just when you thought toxic masculinity couldn’t get any worse, it’s gone and infiltrated the world of rosé. Funnily enough, #brose actually has more posts than #brosé because you know, dudes are morons, but we’re all mates in the rosé game so no hard feelings.

Fellas used to get a little funny about throwing back a glass of pink power, but the #brosé tag has thrown a liquid lifeline to insecure gents everywhere and pulled them aboard a perfumed poop deck. Once blokes found out they could get into a bottle and pass it off as brosé, sales skyrocketed and this cemented rosé’s position of power in the wine world. Maybe even the wine universe. Some of that interstellar cellar action, ya dig?


Look, we don’t like talking about frosé. It ain’t wine. But it is refreshing and bloody popular for some reason, so #frosé has earnt its start in this admittedly lacklustre list. The adult equivalent of a frozen coke, it was invented by a council of greedy bar owners as a creative way to charge naïve punters an exorbitant amount of dollarydoos. 

“It’s totally the same strength as a glass of wine,” the bartender says as a drunken patron hands over a $20 note post Sunday brunch. Fool. Frosé may be novelty and an utter stitch up, but once again it shows the versatility of rosé that has allowed it to capture both the market and the world’s imagination. 

What can I do?

It’s winter, mofo. Get into a bottle of the endless summer as soon as possible. Sun. Salt water. Seafood. The alliteration won’t stop and neither should the rosé.

Just remember: if you drink a glass of rosé and don’t hashtag it, do you even vino? 

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