The ultimate staycation - lockdown edition

By Vinomofo
over 1 year ago
2 min read

Now is probably a good time to suggest a staycation for Melbourne mofos (and winter is coming-style hibernation mofos)!  I mean, even temporarily? Especially when you can enjoy the best thing (a.k.a. wine) the whole world has to offer from the comfort of your couch (or your bed – you do you).

To get a fully immersive experience, we’ll even let you know the temperature to set the AC to and a winning local movie you can throw on in the background, so it’s like you’re really there! Fun!

So put your tray table up, strap yourself in as we do a quick 360 around the world, without even leaving the house.



The land of the tango, soccer, Eva Perón and some of the best reds on the planet.

Drink: These stratospheric drops. High in altitude and high in fab.

Watch: The fast-paced con caper about one last score, Nueve Reinas (Nine Queens).

Climate Control: to 22 degrees



Trump is out, and the U S of A is kinda cool again. From the jazz hands of Hollywood to the culture (and chicken) of the south, there’s something for everyone. Luckily you don’t have to leave your house for a taste.

Drink: Like the folks of the Wild Wild West with this swag.

Watch: Really set the scene with the beautiful, twisted and stylish Westworld – Season 1.

Climate Control: to 19 degrees 


New Zealand

That warm feeling of the nicest people on earth living in the most naturally diverse land is closer than you think.

Drink: This. Deep, rich, intense.

Watch: The delightful Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Try not to spit out your wine in laughter.

Climate Control: to 14 degrees (brrr)


South Africa

Giraffes. Need we say more?

Drink: This shale number from a truly unique terroir. 

Watch: The low-budget, high fun, alien-fest, District 9.

Climate Control: to 27 degrees 



Did you know 75% of us haven’t seen more than 27% of our own country? Okay. Those stats were made up. But it’s true. So go get some of that Great Southern Land. Now.

Drink: Our Collaboration Case – funky and tasty wines made in collaboration with our favourite winemakers. 

Watch: Muriel's Wedding. An absolute classic with catchy tunes to boot.

Climate Control: to 26 degrees 

So where in the world are you going to wine tonight, mofos? If you need more mofo recommendations, check out our favourite Netflix and Sip pairings here

Hey Kids!

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