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14 days ago
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On 7th May the world will unite in celebrating possibly the most ubiquitous white wine in the universe - sauvignon blanc. While Sancerre is its spiritual home, New Zealand is the source of the savvy that’s taken the world by storm. There’s something about its distinctive ‘slap you in the face style’ that wine lovers can’t get enough of and wine nerds love to hate. 

Whatever your opinion of this all-conquering white grape, its fan base is still growing so we’re going to look at why you need to get it in your glass (not ours, we wouldn’t be caught dead drinking it).  

5 facts on why you need sauvignon blanc...

1. It’s a gateway wine for newbies to a world of vinous vices

If you’re new to wine, the mind boggling number of varieties of vino on offer can make it an intimating place to be. So rather than take a gamble on some whacky sounding wine, many newbies take sanctuary in savvy. And good on ‘em because those tropical fruits and zesty vibes get them excited about wine and comfortable to explore a little further. I mean look at me, I’m now a signed up member of the vermentino, arneis, pinot, nebbiolo, etc... club.

2. Australians love finding a good sauvignon blanc

It’s every Aussie white wine drinker’s dirty little secret that they love sauvignon blanc more than chardonnay. How dare they turn their back on chardy, the white grape that brought so much fame to our country in the 1990s, in favour of this fresh upstart! 

But as one of Australia’s most iconic screen heroes Bill Heslop said, “You can’t stop progress.” However, the least you could do is source your savvy from somewhere like the Adelaide Hills.

3. Sauvignon blanc is a statistician’s dream

I love a good statistic. Here’s one of my faves: 99% of statistics are made up. But we’re not going to let that get in the way of the truth.

Did you know that 86% of New Zealand wine exports were sauvignon blanc in 2014 and that there are 20,027 hectares planted? That’s a lot of white wine for a little country. 

New Zealand sauvignon blanc overtook chardonnay as Australia’s biggest selling white wine in 2009. It currently accounts for around 40% of all white wine sold in the country, with white NZ savvy taking up the lion’s share.

Of the 100,000 hectares of savvy planted across the globe, here’s the breakdown of whose garden you’ll find most of it growing: 

17% in New Zealand, 13% in Chile, 10% in South Africa, 7% each in the United States and Australia, 6% in Bulgaria and 4% in Spain.

Don’t know about you but I’ve bored myself with that...let’s move on.

4. Sauvignon blanc is a serious collector’s jam

I can hear all the wine geeks laughing out loud at this statement but this wine should shut them up. I’m talking about the Chateau d’Yquem 1787 - the perfect savvy for those with a spare $200,000. I’m not joking, this legendary Chateau has built a world famous reputation for their other-worldly sweet wines - made with sauvignon blanc - and this vintage is one of the world’s most expensive white wines EVER. 

5. Sauvignon blanc will turn you into a comedian

Actually it won’t, but you’ll be one sip closer to funny man Graham Norton if you drink it. Why? Because this cheeky little joker has started making his own savvy and word on the street is that it’s making a lot of folks smile. Wise guy Dan Aykroyd has also had a craic at making savvy that gets the crowd fired up. So if you’re up for a bit of stand up grab a savvy ‘cause it’ll give you the dutch courage you need.

Let’s be honest, we’re clutching at straws here for reasons why to love savvy. We’re not going to get all judgey on you however, we’re all for self expression and freedom of choice. So if savvy’s your thing, go for it. 

And if not, remember you don’t have to wait for a special day to drink your favourite wine. Every day is a good day to drink great wine. 

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