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Another year, another battle, and another bottle of Art of War. Comrades of the ‘Fo, this ‘15 vintage might just go down in vinous history as one of our greatest Barossa Valley victories. Having marched to its own beat since 2011, this powerful shiraz has quickly become a beloved hero.


Dark Chocolate

What is the Collaboration Series?

This range is all about celebrating and collaborating with the folk who get their hands dirty. The brightest and most passionate wine lovers out there - the winemakers. These are the people who are on site, vintage in and vintage out, turning grapes into magic. 

And in working with Australia’s most talented winemakers, we are humbled to help see a wine come to life, from seedling to screwcap and everything in between. We’re talking honest and epic vino, from the best in the business. Which in Art of War’s case is Barossa Valley legend, Kym Teusner…

Made by Kym Teusner 

Without a trace of hyperbole, we reckon Kym Teusner is one of the great grape whisperers of the Barossa Valley. A legendary vigneron, shiraz fiend and all-round nice guy, we had to pinch ourselves twice (and hard) when he agreed to join us on a vino collab back in 2012.

Then we had to pinch ourselves three times (and harder) when he showed us the parcel of grapes he wanted to work with. We trusted him, he made the wine and we were blown away. With Teusner overseeing the strategy, it was always going to be a top shelf triumph.

The Process

With every vintage comes immeasurable maturity, and we reckon we’ve stepped up our war game with this ‘15. The parameters were set and the game was afoot, but our hero went rogue and she came up trumps. And boy, are we happy to be drinking those rewards. 

After careful hand-picking, Tuesner let the old vine fruit acquaint itself with its own yeast before guiding it along the tightrope of fermentation. This vintage sees the power and intensity of the Barossa chiselled into a more elegant, subtle style. It’s still very much a Teusner wine (super rich and extremely generous), but there is a smart, gentleness to this shiraz.

The Wine

Rich and smooth, with a heap of plum and a bucketload of dark cocoa and blackberry. There’s less white pepper than previous vintages, but still holds onto that sturdy backbone of seamless acid and rounding fine oak tannin. 

The use of older oak sees the spotlight firmly focussed on the fruit. Blackberry and blueberry feature on a vibrant palate framed by charry oak. It’s intense, rich, vibrant and beautifully structured - it’s almost more art than war.  

Art of War transcends blood, sweat and vintage to reach the depth and clarity of hard-won satisfaction. The results speak for themselves. 

Victory never tasted so good. 

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