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Why do we love this wine?

Premium multi-vintage sparkling wine requires skill, a harmonious mix of conditions culminating in delicate base wines, experienced palates to bring them together to ideally complement each other (like match-making for wine!) and to make sure the final wine is balanced, creamy, moussy, fine, structured and above all, enjoyable.


Green Apple

Meaning ‘kiss kiss’ in French, the name describes the wine perfectly in two words. At first meeting, there’s a kiss of lemon zest, Golden Delicious apple, softly alluring spice and elegance to the flavour that draws you in for more… after all, one kiss is never enough.

The story of her naming is one of romance and fortune. With a call out to you mofos we were flooded with suggestions to name our baby bubbly. There were many great names and we thank everyone who contributed their love. We had a vote and it came down to a re-count, but in the end there was one, a clear winner. With glasses charged full of the eponymous liquid, there was only one name it could be, one name that it could have ever been.

Bisou Bisou was born, and thankyou to Becky McGee for the inspiration (If you dust off your rose-coloured glasses and squint at the side of the label, you might even be able to make out our little love note to Becky).

And Bisou Bisou is not just your average ‘non-vintage’ in the usual sense of the word. She’s a premium multi-vintage blend, made up from four special vintages from 2008-2011, all fermented dry, with a small dosage of 10g/L of sweetness added at bottling for balance and softness. An average of three years on lees has added depth that we could only dream of. De Bortoli has crafted for us the perfect wine - versatile, soft and complex.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. We had this wine in stock for about a month before it started selling, as a cleanskin awaiting its decorative clothing which has been beautifully penned and executed by our designers Adam and Jimmy. We’ve had a few chances to try her, and she’s our first wine, every time. The love story is not limited to the label. Our love for her is palpable, as she’s taken on her own persona (she started as an ‘it’; she’s well beyond such unfamiliarity now), and as proven by the unmentionable number of cases we’ve consumed over those few weeks alone.

We’re prouder than ever of this one, Mofos. From the cheeky but enticing ‘spin the bottle’ around her neck to the delicate debossing of the label to the smooth, delicious creaminess of her bubbles, this one’s going to be very, very popular.

So thank you, and you’re welcome, from all of us at Mofo HQ.


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Yarra Valley
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