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I could keep smelling this for hours. It’s in my glass now after a big bowl of fettuccine bolognese at my desk, as I write things about wine. This is my little treat to myself because Head Buyer John’s out to lunch (it’s his birthday), he forgot to make any notes on the wine, and I missed the tasting when Julien himself was in. Oh well, such is life. I’m have a “taste” of generous proportions, because the sun is past the yardarm and I want to do this justice for you. Also it’s really hard to judge portions in those plastic containers from home and I ate too much, so I need something to cut through the carbs… this’ll go well for avoiding that afternoon naptime feeling. 



Back to the wine. It was too cold straight out of the fridge, but after letting it sit for ten minutes while I just keep sticking my nose in, the frostiness is gone and a brilliant glass of liquid golden-green remains. The nose is soft, but distinctive and insistent. Tangelo rind, lime pith, lemon drops, honeydew melon, the whole spectrum of apples and pears, from Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Jonathan and Fuji to Nashi and Packham pear. This really draws on my Tassie upbringing. Takes me back to Huonville briefly. Then rips me back to Alsace. There’s a little tweak of fleshy apricot, but only when you look for it (hello, small percentage of botrytis).

Alright, time to taste. What a wonderfully clean and slinky wine. Acid’s there of course, but balanced by maybe just under ten grams of sugar. So it tastes of all those ripe fruits wrapped up in fine silk, but finishes dry and pristine. 

This is the feather in the cap of the Schaal family of wines. I’m sure ‘Gypse’ refers to the gypsum soils the vines were grown in, but equally this wine could be a beguiling gypsy. It’s stolen my heart and I don’t care who knows it. Just don’t tell my wife.


Wine Enthusiast
French Import

This wine is part of our Women in Wine collection. We are committed to ALWAYS having wines available that are made by women. We already support so many women in the industry but we want to make this much more transparent and visible for our mofos. We want to make a real and lasting impact in an industry that is sadly still dominated by men. And this is the first step. Here’s to our Women in Wine! 

Winemakers: Sophie & Julien Schaal. Sophie’s a Burgundian native as well as a Dijon University graduate, and makes these wines with husband Julien.

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