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John, Head of Buying at the ‘fo reckons this is one of the smartest Marlborough savvies out, and despite debates about gooseberry, I’d be hard-pressed to find a better example. From potato to cattle farmers, before focusing on wine, the crew at te Pā know a thing or two about how to look after land, and it shows in their wine.


Lemon Zest

At the Tasting Bench

Gooseberries. They’re a bit of a touchy subject at Mofo HQ. Knowing how any mention of them has been received in the past, I’d have been more cautious to suggest them as a tasting note, but here’s how it went at the Tasting Bench... 

“It’s a classy sauvignon,” says John, “passionfruit, citrus, gooseberry…”


China Wine & Spirits Awards 2017
Sam Kim
Cameron Douglas MS
5 stars Sam Kim
5 stars, Harpers Wine Stars 2018

“What’s gooseberry like?” someone pipes up, purely.

“Gooseberry is one of those conventional tasting notes for sav blanc-”

“But what does it taste like?” I feel like Maddie’s been here before too, and is stirring the pot.

“Gooseberry,” John states innocently. “It’s a gooseberry.”

I’m reminded of the whole snozzberry debacle from Willy Wonka. But let’s stick with gooseberries.

“They’re kind of tart, quite sour,” says Nicci.

“I think there’s a masterclass in this,” Eddie chimes in. “Weird wine descriptors you always hear but have never tried.”

“Min, are you picking up any gooseberry in that?” Not sure why, but Jamie seems to know that Min is the preeminent gooseberry professor at HQ. Which she could well be. I’ve been on holidays, and things change.

“Um,” Min thinks for a min. “No.”

“Well, that’s a no on the gooseberry.” says John. Phew. Glad we’ve all sorted this out.

“I’ve never seen a gooseberry in Australia,” continues Eddie. A bit of a Google finds that they were extensively grown in Vic and Tas last century, but Eddie reckons people then moved to NZ savvy and that’s why the industry tailed off. Apparently England even had “Gooseberry Clubs” up until the 1900s.

“Let’s bring them back!” says John.


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Alcohol by Vol.
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Blend Info
100% Sauvignon Blanc
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