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We want to make it easy to find wines made by women, in this traditionally male-dominated industry. We hope to help change that, and this is one small step. Cheers to our women in wine!


Adventures in wine & food.

Recipe & pairing | Danielle Alvarez’s polenta with sweet-spiced lamb ragù

A delectable recipe for polenta with sweet-spiced lamb ragù that calls for a glass of red wine in the ingredients - and look, if we’re sharing some with the dish, we might as well make a pairing of it. Here’s what we’re tipping.

Mofo need-to-know | Storing and ageing wine

Recipe & pairing | Joseph Abboud's (Rumi) Fried cauliflower with caramelised onion, currants and pine nuts

The mofo guide to | Yarra Valley chardonnay

Recipe & pairing | Sarah Pound's (Wholesome by Sarah) lemon & herb roast chicken with vegetables

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Good wine is stories. Wanna hear ours? It's a long page, so settle in with a good glass.

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All mofos are welcome here, and that includes you. Here's a guide to the funny things we say sometimes. Sprechen sie mofo?

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