5 reds to chill this spring

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9 months ago
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Whisper it... most reds in this climate need a quick chill in the warmer months to get the best of them. It might sound sacrilegious, but the "room temperature" serving advice for even your fuller bodied reds hovers at around 15-18°C; room temperature for a lot of western Europe, not your sun drenched Aussie arvo.

Now that we've dropped that bombshell, you might be keen to know that some reds even benefit from chilling down a bit further, especially your light and bright mofos. Why? If a wine is served too warm you'll start to notice certain elements sticking out - alcohol becomes more apparent, and that acidity less fresh and zippy (if you've ever had a room temperature riesling, you'll be all too aware).

For lighter reds, and your rosés, lightly chilling to around 10-12°C (we're talking 20 minutes in the fridge) is going to elevate all the floral, full fruited phenolics you'd expect to find in glass, and reward you in ways you didn't know were possible.

Here's five fab reds from our current stock that are great at room temperature, but even better with a light chill.

Maison Chanzy Coteaux Bourguignons 2021

Bright, snappy, playful gamay. This is immediately fun and fresh. Confectionary raspberry, some cassis, plum and a little bit of snappy bubblegum come to the fore. What follows is a little more intricate and layered - some spice, dried flower petals, a bit of grassy, stemmy greenery. Bright and energetic, this is a perfect wine to grab on your way to the BYO - unfussy, easy drinking and packed full of flavour. Give it a chill and thank us later.

Montperdu Reserve Pinot Noir 2021

The wines of the Languedoc-Rousillon are often overlooked outside of the region, which only means there is excellent value to be found. It might seem like it’s too good to be true, but we can verify that this is all class and style. Made by the incredible team at Terres Fidèles in Southern France, where the mix of sunshine and ocean breezes makes fresh, fruit-driven pinot that you won’t want to put down. If getting fancy with the French stuff is your thing, this is sure to impress a crowd. Our buyer Pete called this “beautifully finessed and ethereal Pays Doc pinot”, and you’ll see what he means when you give this a quick spell in the fridge.


Matahiwi Estate Reserve Pinot Noir 2021

Pinot is a really tough grape to handle at the best of times, let alone when on a budget. Every now and then, though, you do find some gems. This is one of those. Made by the team at Matahiwi, who are known to over-deliver, this pinot does that, and then some. Light and bright, it ticks the fruit, complexity and pinosity boxes with a flourish. A firm favourite of our customers and staff, excitement levels get pretty high when Matahiwi enters the building. Affordable pinot is becoming harder and harder to get hold of, so it's safe to say that a 'best in show' winner that's easy on your wallet is a near miracle.

Pinot Noir 2018 – Black Market Deal #45267

This is a wine marked first and foremost by amazing aromatics; followed by a layered experience on the palate. Superb drinking. Rose petals and spice overlapping raspberry coulis and winter strawberry. Wet earth and even some petroleum sneak in, adding layers to the experience. It demands a second and third pass under the nose, each time a new leaf lifted and a new aroma revealed - a surefire mark of quality in fruit and winemaking both. On the pallet the red and blue fruits come alive - vibrant and bountiful. Tasmania’s south has emerged as a pinot noir powerhouse, and this is a superb wine smack dab in the middle of its drinking window. Enjoy now and over the next few years.


Twin Valleys Pinot Noir 2021

Classic cool climate King Valley pinot noir. Winter strawberry and under ripe raspberry on the palate immediately, but there is a bit of darker, richer fruit tucked in behind it. Mulberry and bramble, and a bit of vanillin oak presence, too. The Twin Valleys pinot noir grabs all that Alpine and King Valley freshness and bottles it up for us to enjoy elsewhere. Winter strawberry and under ripe raspberry on the palate immediately, but there is a bit of darker, richer fruit tucked in behind it. Mulberry and bramble, and a bit of vanillin oak presence, too. A bit of whole bunch lends a slippery, suppleness to the mouthfeel and ties the wine together beautifully. A fine boned, prickly finish that lasts and lasts. Get the best of that Alpine freshness by giving it a bracing flash chill in some cool mountain air, or your fridge if you don't have an Alp in your backyard.

So there's five reds to chill - and if you're keen to learn about which others go great, check out our full guide to chilling reds here.

Keen to browse our full stock of reds? Here you go.

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