The mofo guide to GSM

By Vinomofo
12 months ago
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GSM - what does it mean, taste like, and do so well?

We've got you covered. Meet your new favourite acronym.

Why mofos like GSM blends

The GSM blend, aka Grenache-Syrah-Mourvèdre (or Mataro in good ol' Australia), hails originally from the Southern Rhône in France and it's unapologetically bold, unpretentious, and full of personality. It’s the blend used in Châteauneuf-du-Pape AOC wines, though notable drops also come out of South Australia and Paso Robles (California) too.

What to expect with a GSM blend

It’s a rockstar blend, a supergroup of varieties that’ll get you singing along. Grenache brings the fruit, syrah brings the backbone and the tannins. And mataro? It's got that meaty, earthy flavor that ties everything together. The result - a wine that typically has a rich, spicy profile, medium-full body, and medium-high tannins to boot, with bold ripe, red fruits, baking spice and dried herb (think oregano) aromas and flavours.

What temperature should I serve a GSM at?

Nothing complicated here - room temperature is great for GSM, 15-19°C. 

What foods pair with GSM?

Being GSM is on the richly fruited, spiced and medium-full bodied end of the spectrum, it needs a partner in crime that can handle its flavour profile. We’re talking dishes that are big, bold, and unapologetically so.

  • Grilled or roasted meats? Hell yeah! Beef, pork, lamb, it doesn't matter. GSM can handle it.

  • Barbecue? Smoked meats? Brisket, ribs, bring it on.

  • Game meats? Venison, wild boar, kanga? You better believe it.

  • Mediterranean cuisine with bold flavours? Ratatouille or herb-roasted veggies, meet your match.

  • And if you’re looking to bring the heat, it can even go out to bat with the spice of curries. Proceed delicately though, mofo.

We’ll level with you - these are general guidelines. Every GSM blend is different and the perfect pairing may depend on the specific bottle you're sipping. But, if you're looking for a wine to pair with big, hearty dishes, GSM can be there with bells on.

When should I be drinking GSM?

See above. Whenever you’re barbecuing, roasting, grilling up a storm or otherwise indulging in a decadent & vibrant feast that’s going to need you to loosen that top button, GSM’s gonna be there for you.

Fun fact - GSM also stands for Get Some here, Mofo.

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