Best wine & blue cheese pairings

By Vinomofo
7 months ago
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Seems strange to admit the fact, but blue cheese can be a real mofo to pair with wine. Roquefort, stilton, gorgonzola, you name it... they've all got that funky, pungent, moreish bold salty tang that makes you keep reaching for the crackers. Thing is though, it’s like the favourite uncle that keeps cracking jokes at the BBQ; its schtick can overwhelm anything interesting that’s going on around it.

Here’s a few suggestions that can riff with the big blue on the cheeseboard to make sure you’re getting the most of everything that’s going on.


Look, did you expect us to start with anything else? That sweet, rich, ripe red and purple fruited-ness is like a warm embrace after a slap in the face from a sharp blue cheese. Start here if you're feeling really decadent.

Fortified shiraz/stickies

See above, but make it ‘stralian.

Sweet wines

Sauternes, Tokai, Spätlese, Auslese, late harvest semillon or savvy b - we’ll level with you, anything with a bit of residual sugar will dance with the tang and salt of the blue cheese.

Sparkling white (or red, for that matter)

A glass of crisp, bright bubbles will cleanse your palate and add balance/contrast to the richness of the blue cheese.


Even a dry riesling should carry just enough fruit sweetness and acidity to cut through that creamy, crumbly next mouthful of blue cheese and make for a tasty match. Pick up a Clare or Eden Valley special and go to town.

Cabernet sauvignon and shiraz

We’re saving the best until last. A full-bodied, bold red can stand up to the robust flavour of blue cheese, creating a delicious contrast. Big fruits, tannin and refreshing acidity are all going to be backing you up as you load up another plateful and ignore the urgent texts from your cardiologist. Cab sav and shiraz have got your back.

Remember though, what wine you choose to pair with blue cheese is a matter of personal taste. So, go ahead and experiment, find what works for you, and don't be afraid to mix it up.

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