Celebrating Women in Wine: Kate Goodman of Penley Estate

By Vinomofo
almost 5 years ago
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We probably don’t need to tell you that Kate Goodman is making waves in the wine industry. She’s got a CV that packs a punch, featuring the likes of Yarra Valley’s Punt Road Wines (Chief Winemaker), founding her own wine brand Goodman Wines as Director and Winemaker, and of course Winemaker at Coonawarra’s Penley Estate. When people talk about Kate they say she’s one of Australia’s best contemporary winemakers, find out why below. 

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

An architect, I still love buildings.

When did you realise winemaking was an actual thing you could do as a job? 

I studied Biomedical science the first time round at uni - totally wrong for me - a bit too structured; I learnt about the use of microbes in food etc. and discovered that winemaking is a ‘job’. I went and did a ‘trial’ vintage and never stopped.

Did you choose to work in the region you’re in now for a specific reason?

Working in Coonawarra was based around bringing long term friendships together. I have known Ang Tolley, one of the owners of Penley for many years, where she gently coerced me to board the Penley train. I also have a genuine love for cabernet, Coonawarra is one of its natural homes.

 What does winemaking mean to you?

It is my opportunity to translate what the seasons deliver into something delicious. I totally love my job.

What’s been your proudest achievement?

Birth of my son and creating my own wine brand – Goodman Wines.

What’s your favourite music jam at the moment?

The National are on high rotation.

According to Wine Australia, the number of women employed in wine has increased by just 3% since 2011, going from 35 to 38%. What’s your opinion on female influence in the Australian wine industry?

Hear me roar springs to mind, whilst there are not a lot of us number wise, certainly in production roles, we are definitely punching above our weight. There are so many talented women in senior roles. Many of us are quiet achievers, just getting along with it. Our voice is getting louder.

What would you like to see happen next for women in the wine industry?

I look forward to the time when winemakers are winemakers and not described by their gender. 

You’re relaxing on a Friday evening (or any evening) after a hard day’s work, what’s your vino of choice?

Chardonnay is usually my first pour.

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