Celebrating Women in Wine: Kim Longbottom, Vintage Longbottom

By Vinomofo
3 months ago
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Kim Longbottom has built her wine business around the core message that family comes first.

Hailing from New Zealand’s famous Marlborough region, wine has been one of Kim’s life-long passions – and one she shared with her late husband Mark, a third-generation pastoralist with a natural affinity for the land.

Sadly, Mark passed away in 2008, and Kim committed to continuing their business and honouring his memory, building the company to be a successful export and domestic producer with an eye for classic Australian wine styles.

Now joined by Margo in the next chapter of their family story – Vintage Longbottom – this inspiring mother and daughter enterprise has shifted focus to the premium South Australian regions of McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills.

"Be prepared to work hard… and if you’re up for it, play hard!"

What I wanted to be as a kid: "I grew up on a farm in NZ and love all animals, so I always dreamed of becoming a vet."

When I first realised winemaking could be a job: "I met and married my vigneron husband in the late nineties, making wine together was a natural progression for us."

The reason I chose to make wine here: "The climates in both the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale were perfectly suited to the varieties and wine styles we love to make."

"Biggest fail… not predicting the ‘rosé all day’ trend."

What winemaking means to me: "The opportunity to express my creativity and have input into producing ultra-contemporary wines that express a sense of place from where are grown and the passing of seasons in which they were made."

My biggest win & fail: "Welcoming my daughter, Margo, into our business. Biggest fail… not predicting the ‘rose all day’ trend."

Who I look up to in the wine industry: "Most people as I am a little vertically challenged!" 

Advice I would give to women wanting to enter the wine industry: "Be prepared to work hard… and if you’re up for it, play hard!"

My wine of choice to relax on a Friday: "For me it depends on the season and outdoor temperature – I have a scale that starts at riesling and finishes at cabernet."

My current music jam: "80’s… always 80’s."

We're committed to ALWAYS having wines available that are made by women. In an industry that’s still dominated by men, we believe in celebrating the incredible work women are doing. Here’s to our Women in Wine!

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