Crikey's Editor-in-Chief swirls wine and politics

By Vinomofo
over 2 years ago
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Crikey’s Editor-in-chief Peter took on the gruelling task of tasting and reviewing some of the 'Fo's wines last weekend…

Wine and politics, a perfect match? Get the lowdown on Peter's picks that he has served up with a political twist.


Giusti Rosalia Prosecco DOC NV

Veneto, Italy

“More Pink Lady than Granny Smith… the Sarah Hanson-Young of bubbles.”

A likeable, fair-skinned, super dry Italian bubbly. The merest hint of green hydrogen immediately brought to mind Twiggy Forrest and its translucence recalled a fresh, unfixed Christopher Pyne, but apple notes (more Pink Lady than Granny Smith) brought it home as a definite Sarah Hanson-Young of drop, with just a hint of Rex Patrick independence.

Claymore God is a DJ Riesling 2021

Clare Valley, South Australia

“Summons up the young Dominic Perrottet… plenty of front and sooo dry on the palate.”

A funky, citric Clare Valley Riesling summoned the young, freshly-minted NSW premier Dominic Perrottet. Put down the beers, Dom, sit down and pour a glass of this lockdown buster. Plenty of front and sooo dry on the palate. A (man’s) shed load of pent-up energy – vibrancy, even — and the promise of a more complex future. One to watch, closely. 

Tremblay Marchive Petit Chablis 2020

Burgundy, France

“Uncompromising, lingering minerals and full in the mouth… a Michaelia Cash of a Chablis.” 

An AUKUS of a wine (even allowing for its French origin): in your face and pretty ready to rumble. More of an industrial relations strength Michaelia Cash than foreign bound Marise Payne, with plenty of acid and a lingering extraction of minerals as best befits a West Australian. A Chablis that’s uncompromising and darn big in the mouth, the viticultural equiv. of giving a bolshie union official something to think and drink about. 

TerraVin Pinot Noir 2013

Marlborough, New Zealand

“More earth here than on Barnaby Joyce’s gumboots."

You want earth? You get more earth with this Kiwi pinot than on Barnaby’s Joyce’s gumboots. A spicey, unfiltered wine you can taste the terroir (or should that be terror?) here, a coalition of plum jobs and blood reddening, beet-rooting hard yakka. Drinking at its peak now, a true expression of climate and dirt.  

Kilikanoon Golden Hillside Shiraz 2019

Clare Valley, South Australia

“A complex Penny Wong of a red – drink now or wait for lower house cellaring.”

A complex red, with a Penny Wong hand-chopping intensity hard enough to break a brick. Persistent, cherry-ripe and aromatic, this Shiraz is structured for the long haul and who really knows how it will end? Might be an absolute gem or a could-ave-been. One for a lower house cellaring, perhaps, where its ambitions may ripen and become far clearer.

La Posta Domingo Fazzio Malbec 2019

Mendoza, Argentina

“Bursting with Dutton-esque intensity and ambition… might be best after May next year.”

A Thor’s hammer of a wine, bursting with Peter Dutton-esque intensity and barely concealed ambition. You’re hit around the palate with its bold tannin structure; lulled by the promise of chocolate and roses. This Malbec may not be to everyone’s taste but its uncompromising depth will definitely please some. Drinking best sometime after May next year. But if bold action is your thing, don’t be defensive, crack it open now and watch it fly. 

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