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Fiano - a white that's been making some serious waves. Hailing from southern Italy, this grape variety has found a new home in various regions across Australia, from McClaren Vale to Heathcote, to the Hunter Valley and beyond.

Why mofos like fiano

Fiano is rapidly becoming a must-sip varietal, and is definitely having a moment with plantings increasing year-on-year in Australia given what it can do so well (more of that in a second). Plus, it’s versatile wine - something you can sip by itself, or pair it with a whole host of other tasty stuff too. 

What to expect with a fiano

So what's the fuss about? Well, for starters, fiano is heaps vibrant and aromatic. Bursting with fruit, it ranges from light and citrus-centric to more stone-fruited (think melon and mango) and full, depending on region, fruit development and what the winemaker is trying to achieve. Either way though it's like a zingy fruit salad in a glass - fiano retains acidity in hot, dry climates, so it still carries some zip. But it's not just about the fruit - there's typically a honey-ed character to fiano, and subtle hazelnut/almond notes doing a little number here too and keeping things interesting.

What temperature should I serve a fiano at?

A typically medium bodied white, fiano is best chilled to 7-10ºC (a couple of hours in the fridge before you plan to drink it). That way you’ll get the best of the aromatics and make the most of the refreshing acidity. However, it can be made in a fuller, more textural style - so check out the notes on your next bottle and see what temp it’s best at.

What foods pair with a fiano?

Fiano’s a versatile little number, but think about it for when you’re eating fresh and light, like the wine. Seafood, roast chicken and stone-fruited salads are all great wingman options - think grilled shrimp, baked salmon, crispy calamari or roast chicken with a peach & nectarine salad. But the beauty of fiano is that, given its Italian heritage, you can also let it spar with a rich, creamy pasta dish - more textural examples can handle anything from alfredo to carbonara.

When should I be drinking fiano?

Honestly, you can make a friend of fiano year ‘round, given its versatility. Give it a sip out on deck in the summer with a kingfish ceviche, or let its warm, stone fruited notes and texture lift your grey days in Autumn and Winter. It’s a happy halfway between lighter pinot grigio and fuller chardonnay, and sure to please both camps too. A taste of Italy with an Aussie twist - and we're willing to bet you won't be disappointed.

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