Food pairings for rosé

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5 months ago
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Look, we’ll level with you straight off the bat - rosé, like Champagne, is a wine that can kind of do it all when it comes to pairing. That, coupled with our go to mantra of “you know your palate”, means that if you like you can probably stop reading here and trust your common sense. 

But you’re not here for that. You’re here for a pairing that is going to get glasses drained, plates scraped, and leave guests asking when they can come again. And we’ve got you - the stakes aren’t high with this one, but the vibes are immaculate. Here's our top foods to pair with rosé.


We’re starting off strong with an all timer (there’s going to be a few more revelatory suggestions here, don’t worry). The classic provincial French dish is a winner with (surprise surprise) a lighter, Provence-style rosé - the wine delicate and bright enough to sing front of stage with the savoury backing of the ratatouille, rounding everything out and delivering the two hits we always want to hear in a pairing suggestion - balance and harmony. 

Grilled salmon

Rosé is generally a winner with a whole heap of fish dishes - the line you want to try and toe is to pair a lighter rosé with lighter fish dishes, plusher rosé with more meaty fish, but don’t worry about overstepping that line, both will work well with either. We’re a sucker for a pink wine with a pink fish, so we’re saying salmon, grilled and maybe with a touch of glaze too, why not?

Prawn curry (any)

Forgive us for being so catch-all in our description that we’re at risk of exhausting the world’s crustacean population - but you’ll find very few prawn curries that won’t be a well-made matched with a great rosé. Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, Japanese - whatever floats your curry boat, rosé has you covered. Capable of navigating those complex flavours of the dish without compromising on flavour, off-dry examples will also lend their talents to taking the sting out of any chilli heat too.

Ham-based dish (any)

Can we keep getting away with being so generic? Maybe we can't, but hear us out - it’s the truth. Fine ham - whether thick slices from a Grandmother ham cooked by Grandma herself and served with chippies, or leaves of prosciutto so wafer thin and delicate they’re almost translucent - is a treat with rosé. As with fish, gauge the size of the rosé to the meatiness of the ham and go lighter for light, plusher for thicker - or don’t, and enjoy it all the same. Perfect for a sunny afternoon picnic with a wedge of brie, too.

Veggie pizza 

Rosé might not be your first thought for pizza, but hear us out. When you're indulging in a veggie-loaded pizza with fresh, vibrant flavours, a dry rosé completes the picture like a summer sunset after a day at the beach. Its crisp, chatty acidity and fresh, red fruit notes provide a bright, refreshing contrast to the veggies.

Aussie burger with the lot

Like the barbecue, rosé was tailored made for the summer months, so it makes sense it’ll buddy up with almost anything you’ll slide over the grill - be it veggies, fish, chicken, snags (be they premium, or “of unknown quality”) and burgers to boot. We like pairing a rosé that’s on the bolder side of life with the burger that’s a bit of everything - topped with the lot. Enough zingy fruit in the wine to buzz with the pineapple and pickled beetroot; plenty zippy acid to slice through the richness of the pattie, bacon, egg and cheese; and perhaps the added bonus of a dry savoury-herb note to compliment the tomato and lettuce. Tailor made.

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