Foods to pair with cabernet sauvignon

Nick Baum
By Nick Baum
5 months ago
3 min read

Look, with food pairings we always say you know you; whatever wine you enjoy drinking with your favourite foods, that’s the pairing for you.

But that said… if you’re reaching for the cab sav and want some suggestions as to what could go great with it, look no further. Here’s five of our faves.


The acidity and tannin of cab sav loves to be matched up with juicy, hearty, fattier red meats - we’re talking your ribeye or scotch fillet steak cuts (or whatever is your fave). The tannin is going to bind to the protein of the meat and go to work, and the acidity will help cut through that fat (and refresh you between mouthfuls). And hey - let’s not stand on ceremony here. Grab a bun, a burger, a slice of cheese and pour yourself a glass. Cab sav loves a cheeseburger. 

Portobello mushrooms

If you’re not into (or taking a break from) meat, substitute it for the old classic grilled portobello mushroom, topped with some melted (spoiler alert for our next pairing suggestion) blue cheese. Yes please. The earthy mushroom and tangy cheese will hang loose and party with cab sav.

Blue cheese

A full-bodied, bold red like cab sav can stand up to the robust flavour of blue cheese, creating a delicious contrast. Big fruits, tannin and refreshing acidity are all going to be backing you up as you load up another plateful and ignore the urgent texts from your cardiologist.

Braised short ribs

Look, we won’t hide it - cab sav, with all its tannin, is a meat-lover's dream of a wine pairing. And braised short ribs is the pairing that cab sav dreams about. Slow-cook them until they’re just falling off the bone and they’re a match made in heaven for a big, bold cab sav. The tannins in the wine buddy up to that juicy succulence, while those dark fruits are richly contrasted against the deep savoury flavours of the dish.

Roast leg of lamb, or lamb chops

But wait, there's more! If you're looking for a dish with a little more herbaceous flair, then you've got to try the roast leg of lamb or some succulent lamb chops. The gaminess of the lamb pairs beautifully with the minty-herbal notes of cab sav, especially when seasoned with some rosemary.

Got the meal, need the wine? No worries, head this way.

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