Foods to pair with gamay

By Vinomofo
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Gamay - spoiler alert - is an absolute grill favourite, and perfect for spring and summer barbecues. But that’s not all it can do - here’s five of our faves, including a winter (or anytime of year) special that might surprise you.


Skip the beer; gamay is your next secret weapon when it comes to pairing with a good ol’ snag. Those bright blue and red fruits in the glass (blueberry, cherry and raspberry being the classics) are a winner when set against the rich, fatty, succulence. It’s also bringing a bright acidity that’ll leave you refreshed and keep you reaching for another bun and the BBQ tongs. Gamay also loves a bit of a chill in the fridge too, so you won’t be sweating from the heat of the grill either.   

Salmon pâté

If you hadn’t already guessed from the above, gamay is also well known for being at home with a charcuterie board, if you’re looking for a red option that’s a bit lighter in body. Those bright fruits also can often be found with more earthy, brambly undertones to create balance in the glass, creating a whole heap of complementary and contrasting flavours with whatever you’ve decided to slap down. Chicken or pork terrine are classic accompaniments, but being as we’re featuring those elsewhere here we’re picking a salmon pâté - but gamay is also stellar with grilled fish too. Just let it go to town, see which combos you prefer. 

Lamb koftas

Gamay and lamb can also be a winner, especially when you’re grilling as opposed to roasting a joint. Souvas or koftas are both hits with those bright fruits and florals, and the refreshing acidity here is going to bring a bit of levity to lamb’s rich fatty offering. If you hadn’t already called it when we said it was a great sanga pairing, we’ll announce it now - gamay and a BBQ (or any kind of grill) is a game changer.

Pomegranate chicken

Here’s a red-fruit and poultry combo that’s going to set us up for our grand finale (more of that in a sec - don’t skip there just yet). Succulent, bold and tangy chicken meets a great match with the tangy acid and red fruits in gamay, plus gamay’s relatively low tannin means that you’re not going to be overwhelming that light protein. 

Roast turkey with all the trimmings

This is it mofo, the main event. Gamay should be your go to for any time you’re feeling like a big ol’ festive feast. It’s light enough so that you don’t get too full, too early (we’ve all been there) - and bright enough to bring those great red fruits (did someone say cranberry?) along to the party too. Chill it for Christmas alongside the sparkling shiraz, bust a bottle out for Christmas in July, or any Sunday where the fam is sitting round to a big roast bird, be it chicken, duck or turkey. You name it, gamay’s got you covered.

That’s our go-to-five for when we’re feeling gamay, but the joy is always in experimenting to see what works for you. You never know what you might find!

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