Foods to pair with pinot grigio or gris

Nick Baum
By Nick Baum
4 months ago
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Got a great bottle of pinot grigio or gris and stuck on a food pairing? No worries - here’s five of our favourites.


Sushi & sashimi

It seems like a lazy one to start with, but there’s no use ignoring the classic - fresh fish and pinot grigio go gangbusters together. Think kingfish ceviche with a yuzu or lime dressing, salmon sashimi, raw tuna and cucumber maki rolls, oysters with fresh lemon - pretty much whatever you fancy. Consider it a go-to for a fresh, light white for sushi.


Fish and chips

But hey, whilst it’s great with sushi, pinot grigio and gris can also party with fried fish dishes too - the racy acidity of pinot grigio will act as your delicious refresher (and also palate cleanser) against the fat in the batter and chips, keeping you light and ready for the next bite without overwhelming your palate.


Pear, walnut and goats cheese salad

It’s another light pairing that just, you know, works - so who would we be not to include it here? Crisp pear will meet a comparative match in the green apple and pear flavours pinot grigio/gris is famed for, and the earth walnut and salty goat cheese are going to give a contrasting note which will elevate the fruit quality and sweetness of the wine. Pour us a glass, will you? 


Fried pork and chive gyoza

Pinot grigio/gris (like riesling) is often given that catch-all recommendation as a great pairing for lighter “Asian” dishes - particularly Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese. Whilst it’s not wrong, it could be a little more specific - our winning pair is with fried pork and chive gyoza (particularly with pinot gris), which has all of that savoury succulence to match perfectly with a fruit forward and racy wine, contrasting in all the best ways to give you a full spectrum of deliciousness.


Spaghetti carbonara

And it would be fully remiss of us not to recommend an Italian pairing with a classic Italian varietal. Pinot grigio is great with light, zesty spaghetti dishes, but don’t shy away from pairing it with a classic carbonara either - that salty, cheesy, spaghetti is a perfect canvas for pinot grigio to paint its full range of flavours, its zest and fruits bringing the whole meal into balance. It doesn’t get much better than this, mofos. 

Remember though, you know you and your palate, so feel free to experiment and switch up your pinot grigio/gris pairings - you don’t know what deliciousness you might discover.

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