The mofo guide to grüner veltliner

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Grüner veltliner - an Austrian flagship grape that’s finding a new home down under, especially in the Eden Valley and Adelaide Hills. So what’s so great about it? Here’s the rundown.

Why mofos like grüner veltliner

If you like riesling, chances are that a grüner veltliner will float your boat, put pep in your step, bake your cake - however you feel like verbing your noun. It can be made in a range of styles; from citrusy, racy and bright, to stone-fruited, textural and toasty in more developed examples. Best of all, it pairs with a whole heap of delicious food, so it’s always welcome at the dinner table.  

What to expect with a grüner veltliner

Grüner veltliner ranges from lemon-citrus and lime, through to pineapple, pears and stone-fruits in examples where the fruit has seen a bit more of the sun. It’s also known for a characteristic white pepper spiciness (with some herbal and mineral notes sometimes in the mix too), plus a classic rich texture when you take a sip.

What temperature should I serve a grüner veltliner at?

Nothing too complex here for grüner veltliner - it's usually best chilled to 7-10ºC (45 minutes to an hour in the fridge before you plan to drink it). That way you’ll get the best of the aromatics and make the most of the refreshing, racy acidity.

What foods pair with a grüner veltliner?

Grüner veltliner is a super versatile wine - like we said, it’s often compared to its Germanic cousin riesling, and you know how nicely that pairs with most other tasty stuff. Grüner veltliner is great for light and bright seafood like prawns with a citrus dressing, but try it with a bit of spice too - grüner veltliner is a mofo tried and tested pairing for those Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese or Chinese dishes carrying a bit of heat. Our tip though - take it back to its Austrian heartlands with a good ol’ chicken schnitty with a wedge of lemon squeezed over the top.

When should I be drinking grüner veltliner?

Anytime you’re eating Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese or Indonesian at home or going BYO, invite grüner veltliner along - you won’t regret it. That said, it's so versatile that you could pick any occasion and a grüner veltliner will be there with bells on.

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