Malbec for mofos

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Here we go, let's talk about malbec. It's come a long way from its French roots and has become the go-to grape for Argentina, their national treasure, if you will. And it's a great choice, for them and for you too.

Why mofos like malbec

We’ll get into what it tastes like and pairs so well with but something we love is that sustainability is the name of the winemaking game in Argentina. Many winemakers are dedicated to eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices, so you can feel good about drinking a wine that's doing good for the environment. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to get a quality drop.

What to expect with a malbec

Malbec is known for its ripe dark fruit flavours like blackberry, plum, and cherry; black pepper and cinnamon spice are knocking around these parts too, and you’ll also frequently find vanilla, tobacco and earth notes. It's a real mouthful - full bodied and rich, with firm tannins that stop short of cab-sav levels due to its generous acidity keeping everything in balance. High-quality malbecs can also frequently be suitable for ageing for 5-10 years after release, developing over time. 

What temperature should I serve malbec at?

Nothing complicated here - room temperature is great for malbec, 15-19°C.

What foods pair with malbec?

Malbec is a fantastic food friendly wine - though it especially excels when it comes to flame-grilled steak or roasted lamb, both of which benefit from malbec’s ripe dark fruits, tannins and acidity. It’s a big one for barbecue lovers if you’re planning on going meat heavy, and it secretly likes a bit of spice too - consider pairing it with carne asada tacos or cowboy chilli.

If you’re getting cheesy, hard aged examples like manchego are a go - anything that has that structure and salt to spar with a juicy bold wine. 

See our guide to pairing malbec.

When should I be drinking malbec?

Malbec brings that South American warmth to any barbecue cook up, and brings those early winter nights too. Our pick? A glass of malbec with chilli nachos in front of the TV, watching the Thursday night game or a film with the fam and friends.

Want to shop mo' malbec? Here you go.

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