Meet Your Dealer: Grant

By Vinomofo
about 3 years ago
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Our Wine Dealers are much like fine art dealers, but for wine. It’s an opt-in only service, so you kinda have to be in the know. Whether you’re a newbie and want to chat vino basics, or you’re finessing your twenty-year cellar plan, they’re here to level up your wine experience. Grant has been with us over six years now, and we didn’t pay him anything extra to write the kind words below - not even in wine.


"Hey y’all, Grant the Wine Dealer here. Nice to meet you!

A little about me… I’m an 80’s baby raised in Torquay on the Surf Coast, Victoria. I love any live music gig, but hip hop would have to be my fave. In my spare time I do a spot of acting, voice work, wine making, wine reviewing, Aussie Rules umpiring (carn’ the Bombers).

And, although I’ve been playing basketball for 30 years now, I still suck at it. I’m also a proud father of a fur baby, an Aussie Bulldog named Daphne."

If you were a wine, what would you be? Why? 

"A Chianti Classico so that the majority of my life would be spent in that heavenly Tuscan countryside."

What do you love about wine?

"I love that it changes over time. I also love that there’s a wine out there that’ll perfectly match any occasion and that every wine we enjoy comes with its own unique story."

What’s the unsung wine you think everyone should be drinking?

"I think we should all get back on the fortified wine train. There’s no greater pairing than a sticky vino with a platter of cakes and cheese."

What’s the best part of being a Wine Dealer?

"The friendly, relaxed chats I get to have every day with my customers from all over Australia. And tasting ALL the wine."

What exactly is it that you do as a Wine Dealer?

"I learn what my customers love to drink and recommend the best deals based on their specific tastes. I’m the added personal touch that can sometimes lack from buying wine online."

What’s the coolest way you’ve been able to help a mofo out?

"I’ve organised wine for big weddings a few times. It’s so much fun to assist in making such an important occasion just that little bit more personalised and special."

What’s one thing you wish people knew about their Wine Dealer?

"I’ve actually visited every major wine region in Australia, and I’m part of a wine-making syndicate called ‘Luciano’s Lunch'.

Don't have a Wine Dealer yet, and feeling left out? Get in touch and we'll get you started on that wine experience level-up.


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