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By Vinomofo
10 months ago
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As a wine dealer, Seamus is kind of like a fine art dealer but for, well... wine. It’s an opt-in only service, so you kinda have to be in the know. Whether you’re a newbie and want to chat vino basics, or you’re finessing your twenty-year cellar plan, he's here to level up your wine experience. Here's what makes him tick.

The thing I love about wine is…

Connection! You can talk to pretty much anyone about wine. From old mate sipping house white at the bar at your local, to your in-laws over a bottle of Grange, everyone can have something to say about a bottle of plonk! Also it’s bloody delicious (most of the time).

If I was a wine…

I reckon I’d be a nice King Valley Prosecco, don’t go digging too deep because you won’t find anything overly complex, but I’m a bit of fun and I’m good at what I do!


The hidden gem I think everyone should be drinking right now is…

Great Southern riesling! Most Great Southern wines really - probably not the most shocking answer but there’s something special in the soil down there! Fantastic acidity and minerality but still holds its fruit more than some other regions. Pair with hot chips with plenty of salt - dealer’s choice on vinegar or tomato sauce, seriously do yourself a favour here.

As a wine dealer…

I like to think of myself as a bit of a matchmaker! There’s so many wines at Vinomofo it’s impossible for even the most switched on punters to keep track of it all. I try the wines, I talk to the people and I pair the wines and the people together and 9 times out of 10, sparks fly!

I speak to all kinds of people… 

Butchers, bakers, retired winemakers. Even ones that don’t rhyme! If you’re into wine, or if you just want to learn, or even if you’ve got a completely unfounded conspiracy theory about wine. Whatever you’ve got. I just like talking to people about wine. Give me a ring!

Mofos don’t know that…

I’m a musician! I’ve been playing in bands and writing songs since my teens. I love kicking back with a record and a glass (or 3) of pinot! Also I really like wine, it’s grouse - you’re gonna love it.


My desert island wine would be…

Champagne! As funky and yeasty and bready as you can get - also so I’ve got the option of digging a big hole and forgetting about it so it can age while I build shelters and paint volleyballs and all that cool desert island stuff.

The first wine I got drunk on was…

A bag of goon, probably hanging off the clothesline if I’m being honest. Think of it as a patriotic act!

Don't have a Wine Dealer yet, and feeling left out? Get in touch and Seamus can get you started on that wine experience level-up.

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