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Summer Lee
By Summer Lee
over 2 years ago
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Our Wine Dealers are much like fine art dealers, but for wine. It’s an opt-in only service, so you kinda have to be in the know. Whether you’re a newbie and want to chat vino basics, or you’re finessing your twenty-year cellar plan, they’re here to level up your wine experience.


"Simone from the 'fo here, G'day!

"A little about me… I’m an 80’s child (just!) born & raised in Melbourne. I love art, and music (all kinds; from Ásgeir, to B.B. King, The Cure, Led Zeppelin, Nine Inch Nails, the Pixies, Wu-Tang Clan, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), and food & drinks! I pretty much always have a cup of tea on the go (I have too many different tea varieties at home to count) but I love coffee, wine, beer, and cocktails too! 

Which is probably why I ended up spending a decade working in some of Melbourne's leading cocktail bars and restaurants! I have an adorably grumpy 12-year-old Staffy Cross named 'Gnarly' who is somewhat ironically afraid of water. In my spare time, I love to; visit art galleries, dine out with my partner &/or friends, or devour my way through tv series & film."

If you were a wine, what would you be? Why?

"Gruner Veltliner - Because I'm a pretty dry person- Ha! No, because, I'm nice, I'm unusual, I'm a little bit effervescent & I love food!"

What do you love about wine?

"The versatility! Wine goes so well with food, but it's also delicious on its own. Got a celebration - pop some Champers! Catching up with a mate for some sun and socialisation - ready the Riesling or Rosé! Quiet winter night on the couch? Dive into a decadent Shiraz or Rioja! There's a wine for every palate, every mood, and every occasion."

What’s the unsung wine you think everyone should be drinking?

"Montepulciano! Not only is it fun to say (mon-tae-pul-che-ah-noh), it's also delicious drink!! This is a great food-friendly red wine for those looking to explore. It's not too light for Shiraz, Tempranillo, or Malbec drinkers & not too heavy for Grenache, GSM, or Sangiovese drinkers."

Fun Fact! There is a town called Montepulciano in Italy and they make Sangiovese!

What’s the best part of being a Wine Dealer?

"The tastings! Ha! In all seriousness, though the tastings are awesome because it means we really get to know the products we're talking about and can provide our mofos with an honest educated opinion on whether or not a wine is right for them or if there is something better suited.My team are pretty awesome too!" 

What exactly is it that you do as a Wine Dealer?

"I match people with great wine! It's my job to help people find wines they'll love, be it that perfect mid-week wine to pair with lazing on the couch watching TV, something to pair with your favourite food, or the perfect crowd pleasers for your next event.I'm kind of like an art curator, but for your, palate, wine rack, cellar, or fridge!"

What’s the coolest way you’ve been able to help a mofo out?

"One of my favourite memories wasn't even helping my own mofo. I helped look after one of my colleague's mofos while they were on holiday. This mofo was organising a charity dinner for a social enterprise start-up that helps support women of all ages and cultural backgrounds, but especially those facing homelessness (a cause Vinomofo is already pretty passionate about) and survivors of domestic and family violence into jobs. The dinner was prepared by those in the program. Together we picked some wine that was going to pair with the different courses and I liaised with our events & socials team lead and managed to get some of the wine donated."

What’s one thing you wish people knew about their Wine Dealer?

"That there's no judgment! If you don't like a wine (it happens, taste is such a personal thing!) call me up & I'll happily help organise a return and replacement for you. I'd much rather get you something else you'll love than you being stuck with all these extra bottles of a wine you don't like (and resenting us/me for it)! Life's too short for wine you don't love & It's super easy!"

"Oh and that I'm a real person haha."

Don't have a Wine Dealer yet, and feeling left out? Get in touch and we'll get you started on that wine experience level-up.

Or, simply email Simone:!

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