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Look inside yourself and ask this question; is there any food more truly satisfying than a good burger? Honestly - be it meat, veggie or fish, however you do yours - it's something we can rarely say no to when it catches our eye on the menu. 

The only thing that can elevate a burger in our eyes? A good wine to pair with it. Here’s our picks, depending on what kind of burger we’re feeling.

Classic beefburger

Grenache, sangiovese

Juicy red patty, meet a juicy red wine. Because of all of that rich protein we’re reaching for something with a bit of tannin (nothing huge, but something that will vibe), so a grenache or a classic sangiovese or Tuscan Chianti is our pick. 


Shiraz, GSM, malbec, cabernet sauvignon

If you’re giving the richness metre a bit of a nudge and introducing some cheese into the mix, hey, we’re right there with you. Same as before we’re looking for some tannin, but turning the level dial slightly to find something that will go toe-to-toe with that additional protein and tanginess. Shiraz, GSM, malbec and cab sauv all fit the bill here, giving you a matching richness and depth to create heaps of harmoniously complimentary and contrasting flavours.  

Mushroom burger

Pinot noir, nebbiolo

A great grilled garlicky portobello between a toasted brioche bun is *chef’s kiss* - even if you’re not normally veggie inclined. We’re looking for a bit of tannin as before, but also a wine that can hang with that savoury, umami depth of the mushroom - so here we’re going with a classic cool-climate pinot that can either offer contrasting fruits, or that same complimentary savouriness. If you’re going richer for your pairing (adding, say, a slice of blue cheese), nebbiolo is a good choice for all the same reasons - tannin, depth and deliciousness in spades.

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Chicken burger

Chardonnay, riesling, grüner veltliner

There’s also definitely a soft spot in our rapidly-congesting hearts for a bit of southern, deep or otherwise fried chook, especially served with some lettuce, slaw, and did we see some cheese and bacon in the mix too? For fried chicken, you can’t go wrong with a chardy in any of its forms, especially if it's seen some time in oak too to really give it some richness and depth to match the burger. Otherwise riesling is always a good choice to bring its typical zesty, zing to a zinger, and grüner veltliner is also a good shout too if you’re looking for something a bit more textural.

Fish burger

Champagne, riesling, pinot gris/grigio, sauvignon blanc

We’re a huge fan of traditional method sparkling with fish ‘n’ chips, and it works just as well (perhaps, dare we say it, better) with a fried fish burger, with those bready, brioche, yeasty notes of a Champagne or similar complimenting the bun. Riesling, pinot gris/grigio and savvy b are also known for their ability to pair well with almost any catch of the day, given their typically light and refreshing nature, so always welcome at the table here too.

As ever with pairings, the beauty is always discovering the new - so don’t be afraid to veer from the beaten path and see which wines work for you.

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