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Sauvignon blanc - it's adored by its fans worldwide, pairs well with a load of other delicious stuff, and a great drop can always be found at a stellar value. If this is your first time with a savvy b, welcome. If it’s not your first time, here’s to rediscovering what makes sauvignon blanc so great. 

Why mofos like sauvignon blanc

It’s an approachable, chatty and lively wine, bringing the fun fruits and flavours to your palate without demanding that everyone turn to look in its direction. A butterfly that can flit from occasion to occasion and set down comfortably anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Along with cabernet franc, it’s also the proud parent of cabernet sauvignon - so we’ve got that to thank it for too.

What to expect with a sauvignon blanc

We’re not usually ones for sweeping statements when it comes to wine (seeing as there’s always exceptions to every darn “rule”), but sauvignon blanc across the board is pretty much consistently all about crispness and refreshing acidity. Think bright, zingy flavours of citrus, tropical fruit, and grassy notes with a touch of minerality - steel winemaking is mostly used to lock in all of that freshness, but occasionally you’ll find barrels being used too in order to curb a little of that racy acid.

You'll find savvy b all over the world, but there are some notable regions that produce exceptional examples that all have their own special style.

The biggie is Marlborough, New Zealand - it may not be the originator of savvy b, but it’s really made the grape its own, producing some of the world's most famous sauvignon blancs. There’s a whole universe of producers to dive into and gems to discover, but speaking very broadly NZ sav blanc tends to be very fruit-forward, with notes of grapefruit, passionfruit, and tropical fruits, plus that gooseberry, herbaceous character that savvy b can sometimes carry.

Loire Valley in France is where the grape’s heartland originally lay though, and the region produces a vast range of sauvignon blancs, from crisp and mineral-driven Sancerre to more complex and textural Pouilly-Fumé (with its renowned notes of smoke and “gunflint”).

In Australia, you’ll find great sauvignon blanc coming out of a few places too - Adelaide Hills being the biggy, with the altitude of the region helping to produce fruit that retains a naturally bright acidity and delivering wines that are full of citrus and peach. Margs River (WA) sauvignon blanc tends towards showing more tropical fruit along with that telltale acidity, King Valley (Vic) and Orange (NSW) are both known for stellar savvy b too. That being said, there’s probably a producer in every one of our regions producing a great savvy b - and we’re always on the lookout. 

Elsewhere, Californian sauvignon blanc tends to less pronounced puckering acidity than the wines from cooler regions like New Zealand, Loire Valley or Adelaide Hills, but still with that white peach trademark.

And there’s South African sav blanc too, which tends to have a distinctive minerality, with notes of stone fruit and a hint of herbal character.

So there’s a whistle-stop tour around the world of sav b - but let’s not overcomplicate it too much. Generally the cooler the climate (or higher the altitude), the more citrus fruit and “green” grassy herbaceousness you’ll be getting in your glass; for savvy b from warmer climes expect to see more tropical fruit but still with that refreshing tangy acid.

What temperature should I serve a sauvignon blanc at?

Nothing too complex here - savvy b is usually best chilled to 7-10ºC (a couple of hours in the fridge before you plan to drink it). That way you’ll get the best of the aromatics and the crisp acidity that savvy b brings.

What foods pair with a sauvignon blanc?

The great thing about sauvignon blanc is that it’s heaps more versatile as a pairing wine than many would have you believe. A classic - for a good reason - is to pair it up with a fresh goat’s cheese salad, or a light fish dish, but come closer and we’ll let you in on our top pairing tip. Ready? Here it is - practically any food that’s served with (or would be improved by) a wedge of lemon squeezed over it will go great with a savvy b. The world can be your oyster when it comes to savvy b pairings (and oysters are a great shout too). Go and explore!

Still looking for ideas? Check out some more pairings for sauvignon blanc here.

When should I be drinking sauvignon blanc?

Sauvignon blanc is super accessible, and that goes for its drinking window too - it’s best enjoyed young and fresh, within a couple of years of bottling. Bright, vibrant flavours and refreshing acidity are the order of the day here, so pair it with bright, vibrant, colourful and chatty times - it’s nothing if not fun.

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