Snacks to pair with pinot noir

By Vinomofo
over 1 year ago
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Feeling peckish with your pinot noir, but not ready to cook up a full feast? We’ve got you - here’s four lighter bites to pair with pinot.

Beetroot hummus

We’ll start light - roasted beetroot hummus gets a tick. The earthy sweetness of the beetroot is a perfect match for the complexity of pinot noir, and the hummus's creaminess helps to balance the wine's acidity. Plus, it’s one of those “hang on, this is actually vegan” things, without feeling like it.

Mushroom pâté

An earthy and creamy mushroom pâté is a great pairing for pinot noir. Sautéed mushrooms, cream cheese, and herbs co-mingle with the wine's complexity and play perfectly off each other. Pinot noir’s natural acidity is beautifully balanced by the pate's creaminess, making for a truly moreish mouthful.

Salmon crostini 

Smoky salmon, tangy cream cheese, and fresh dill are the perfect complement to the silky texture of a delicate pinot noir - each bite is a burst of flavour that reminds you of all that’s great about food and wine, with more to discover with each mouthful. It’s like your favourite song coming on when you’re least expecting it, time after time.

Duck spring rolls

A guilty pleasure, but a pleasure nonetheless. Deep fried, succulent and gamey, pinot noir's acidity and red fruits refresh that richness of the spring rolls and enhance what’s going on, rather than dulling any flavour. It’s a truly decadent experience, even with crumbs down your front and your feet up on the couch.

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