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By Vinomofo
over 4 years ago
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It's that time again: time to order drinks for the most anticipated work event of the year - the Christmas party. The venue's sorted (Instagram-worthy - tick!), the food's all good and the wine... well, the wine needs some help. 

That's where Olivia – Vinomofo's business wine liaison – comes in. Want to save time, money and treat your taste buds to wine that blows away the competition, whatever your budget? Meet Liv. You're gonna get along just fine.

Hey Olivia, what do you do?

I'm Vinomofo's business account manager, and I'm here to make lives easier. My job is to get to know your office and how, when and what your team love to drink. I make sure every work event ends with everyone in the office loving you for your wine choices. My job is to make you – the person ordering the drinks – look like a superhero. 

This is Olivia. She's a good egg.

What do you specifically do for businesses?

As your company's wine supplier, I'll help you with everything from office drinks to gifts and work events. 

Christmas office parties and larger work events

Spend less and have better event wine. There are so many BYO venues around, so name your budget and I'll organise an incredible wine package that will impress you and your workmates. 

General office drinks

I get to know what everyone loves, provide the staples and get some fun and exciting wines to keep things interesting. Your staff will LOVE you for it!

Client gifts and staff incentives

Whether you need to say 'thanks', 'well done' or something else, you don’t need a big budget to show appreciation. We work with some incredible wineries that people will know. 

Whether it's impressing top clients with some high-end Champagne, incentivising staff or saying thanks to someone who's gone above and beyond - wine is always the answer. 

Why contact Liv?

I understand you'll probably need the approval of a number of people in the office, so I can lay out the benefits in plain terms for you. I also get to know you on a personal level, and can recommend things you'll like as our list of wines changes.

Basically, I’m here to make your life easier, tastier and more fun! Wine isn't supposed to be just another thing on your to-do list. Delegate it to me and I'll make you the new favourite person in the office.

Let's upgrade your next work drinks. Cheers!

– Olivia, Business Wine Liaison

Olivia's go-to wines for Friday night drinks 

Parties should be fun, not stressful. These are my time-tested, go-to wine styles, to ensure there's something delicious for everyone.  

Pinot gris

Whites are the hardest wine to please people with. Although so many people LOVE savvy b, there are also lots who don’t. Pinot gris is a great alternative – because it's so delicate and delicious, it's one white option that never fails.

te Pā Pinot Gris 2018 is a bright and citrus-driven gem that'll put everyone in a good mood from the first sip.


Bubbles will hands down be the most quaffed wine at your event. For an all-time favourite crowd pleaser, you'll want a sparkling wine that's light yet textured, fruity yet dry, and complex yet readily accessible.

My go-to: Bisou Bisou Blanc de Blancs ticks all the boxes, and then some.

Juicy reds

It's important to include a lighter-bodied, juicy red like pinot noir, but don’t stop there, experiment – your crew will love you for it! I like throwing a gamay, sangiovese or a cheeky grenache blend in the mix.

I'm very excited about the LongLine GSM 2017 at the moment, which is bold, bright and full of (good) surprises. 


No matter what the weather, shiraz is a classic. I'm loving Heathcote shiraz at the moment, with all their beautiful, big bold fruits, matched to a certain suave smoothness and underlying spice.

I can't go past this latest Black Market steal for under $20 a pop. 

Still unsure, or want to know more? Get the best upgrade your office can get. Contact Olivia on olivia@vinomofo.com or (03) 9021 0366. 

Hey Kids!

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At Vinomofo, we love our wine, but we like to also lead long and happy lives, and be good to the world and the people in it. We all try to drink responsibly, in moderation, and we really hope you do too.

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