Vinomofo welcomes Revel to the 'Fo fam!

By Vinomofo
over 2 years ago
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Vinomofo X Revel

"One cannot live on wine alone. Add some cheese..." they say. So we acquired Australia's leading wine and cheese events company, Revel.

We are excited to announce that the 'Fo has acquired Melbourne based business Revel, the renowned curators of premium global food and wine events including Pinot Palooza, and the Mould Cheese Festival and Collective in what can be described as a coming together of the most perfect of pairings. Wine, cheese and events.

By adding Revel to our portfolio, we intend to create immediate and long-term added value for our current and fast-expanding base of customers around the world.

CEO's message

'Fo CEO, Paul Edginton, said Vinomofo and Revel were forward thinking, innovative businesses that had laid the foundation for success but recognised that future business growth must come from diversity and multiple revenue streams.

“As our customer base grows year on year, we are seeing demand for a more extensive offering, with tactile, engaging, fun experiences at the top of the must-have list,” said Paul.

Retro 'Fo - Circa 2011

Since 2011, we have set the benchmark for online wine retailing around the world and as the company continues to drive growth, Paul said the time was right to investigate opportunities that would improve and innovate on the customer experience and add revenue streams outside of wine sales.

“Over the last 18 months, the team at Revel successfully navigated a path through the pandemic with innovation, adaptation and sheer determination. We’ve watched as they cultivated their offering and remained dedicated to ‘creating remarkable experiences that people could live and learn from’. As a similarly savvy company, we saw that and admired what they achieved,” said Paul.

A note from our Cofounder

'Fo Cofounder Justin Dry knows all too well the role innovation plays in a business and said you can expect to see Vinomofo and Revel pivot and evolve.

“The team at Revel - they get us. They get what we do. There’s a familiarity, mutual respect, and shared passion for creating remarkable experiences. It’s our shared ethos that has us excited and working on new, exciting projects that will be launched next year.

“2022 is going to be nothing short of epic. Watch this space,” concluded Justin.

And, Introducing... Dan Sims

Revel founder, Dan Sims, said the acquisition was a coming together of two great entrepreneurial minds in the Australian wine industry.

“Justin and I have been talking about collaborating for a number of years now and in many ways, this partnership really does make sense. I’ve always had a huge respect for him personally, what Vinomofo do, and have achieved and I’m just so excited to work with the team and directly with Justin on some new and cool projects outside of our individual brands.

“For Revel, I’m excited that it gives us the ability to realise the brand’s true potential,” said Dan.

Sims’, who has a rich history with all things vinous for over two decades winning the Inaugural Sommelier of the Year at The Aged Good Food Guide in 2008, as well as numerous other awards including Best Digital Wine Communicator in 2018 by the Wine Communicators of Australia, said he has no intention of stepping away from the business.

“This is a great time for me personally, our team and our customers. I’m excited to tap into the incredible infrastructure and audience Vinomofo has built over the years and not just with the current suite of events we run but with new opportunities as well that will give them access to even more great times and no BS,” concluded Dan.

The deal is Vinomofo’s first acquisition and will see all Revel employees remain with the company. The acquisition brings together two great minds of the Australian wine industry in Dan Sims and Justin Dry, with the shared goal of making great wine (& artisan cheese) accessible to all people - “with great times and no BS.”

Sounds good, doesn't it? The party is just getting started.


Hey Kids!

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