Wines to discover this winter

By Vinomofo
10 months ago
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Winter - the season that's the perfect reason to get to know your wines a little more, and adventure to new horizons too. Here’s a few gems that we’re getting excited about at the moment, great to pair with days when the air is a little crisp.


Crisp and bright aligoté - the ‘other’ white wine of Burgundy, second most planted after chardonnay. These are such experiential, exciting and energetic wines that we keep coming back to them time after time. Typified by some racy acidity but underpinned by peach and apricot on the palate, and an arresting finish, it’s perfect for anyone looking to drink a little outside the box this winter - a seriously exciting varietal that’s criminally overlooked, and great value to boot. Pair with a roast chicken or spaghetti carbonara and you’ll be laughing.

Check out: Maison Chanzy 'Clos de la Fortune' Bouzeron Blanc 2019

Garnatxa Blanca

Another white that’s becoming all the more popular - garnatxa blanca produces rich, full-bodied whites that are brimming with fresh stone fruits and florals, underpinned by a mineral fresh finish. If you’re a lover of fuller chardy and looking for something a bit same-same but different to switch it up this season, grab a garnatxa blanca - we’re willing to be you won’t be disappointed.

Check out: Herència Altés 'La Serra' Garnatxa Blanca 2019


The northern Italian marvel that’s producing ridiculously good reds in Barolo, Barberesco and worldwide - its delicately thin skins produce a wine that’s pale in colour but rich in supple tannin and taste; floral, red fruited, savoury and complex in all of the best ways. A great wine to romance with roast lamb or mushroom-based dishes by candelight - or a tomato-based pizza from your local takeout and the latest Netflix binge-watch. 

Check out: Massimo Rattalino Trentaquattro34 Barolo DOCG 2013

Amarone della Valpolicella

Another northern Italian great, this time from the Venetian hills - the grapes from the best sites are grown at altitude to develop their flavours and then dried on racks to concentrate all of what’s good, making for a wine that’s full of vibrant ripe dark red fruit and dark chocolate, indulgent and still full of finesse too. If you’re a fan of big Barossa shiraz, this one's for you - a perfect winter warmer. 


The big gun from Bordeaux that’s found a new home in Argentina. Malbec’s ideal to get around this season - bold, dark fruited and rich, well suited to lovers of cab sav at a price point that delivers exceptional value. Pair with a succulent roast beef joint with the friends and fam, or a wedge of mature cheddar or blue cheese with crackers in front of your favourite film on a rainy afternoon.

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