#IWD2021 Q for our HR Woman in Wine: Robyn Djelassi

By Vinomofo
about 3 years ago
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As part of celebrating #IWD2021, we have asked our Head of People & Culture at the ‘fo, Robyn (A.K.A Rob, Robocop, or DJ), about her own experiences as a woman in business, including what prevailing stereotypes still need to be broken, and what advice can be shared with young women entering the world of work.


Q: Which women inspire you, near and far?  

"I could give you the expected answers and rattle off Michelle Obama, Brene Brown and Julia Gillard … or I could tell you that I find my inspiration a little closer to home.

Many years ago I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to attend Women & Leadership Australia’s programme for High Potential Female Leaders.  There I met the now CEO of the organisation,  Suzi Finkelstein who is nothing short of a powerhouse.

Another wonderful and inspirational woman who has had a huge impact on my career and courage is Nell Wilson.  As an executive coach,  her wisdom and encouragement empowered me to step up, be bold and believe in myself. 

I am also very blessed to have many inspirational friends who astound and inspire me every day.  Jane Wright is our creative genius, Lana Truong is our business brain, Lauren Cassimatis brings the legal (and fierce fashion) game while Simone Roberts reminds me to always put the human in human resources.  

These women are incredibly bright, extremely hard working, arguably leaders in their chosen fields and know their worth.  They manage their busy careers and their families but most importantly they know how to laugh!  We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we delight in each other’s success (over large and regular glasses of Vinomofo’s best, of course!)"

Q: What advice would you give to women entering the world of business today?  

"Fortune favours the bold!  If I had my time again I’d have taken more risks earlier on and not always played it so safe.  Think of your career as an adventure and choose how you’d like it to play out.  Along the way you are destined to meet many allies, challengers and new friends - every one of them will teach you something.  Enjoy the journey and never be afraid to ask for what you want.  What’s the worst that could happen?" 

Q: What stereotypes/assumptions of women in business would you like to see broken?

"The notion that women, as a subset of the working population, demand more from their employers and aspire to less in their careers than men is a myth.  

Also, the assumption that women are always primary caregivers who must drop everything for their families drives me nuts!  My experience at Vinomofo is very different.  All of our fathers are engaged and doting parents.  We share the load with our partners in the way that suits us best - it’s not always the women who heavy lifting."

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