Snacks to pair with chardonnay

By Vinomofo
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Chardonnay is the dream varietal for winemakers and drinkers alike - it's grown in pretty much every major winemaking region, and it lends itself readily to be made into a whole heap of styles depending on what a winemaker is looking to do. So what snacks can you pair with the grape that can do it all?

Here's five of our go-to options for when we've got a glass of chardy and the appetite for a lil' something to go with it.

Brie cheese

Although chardonnay can be a heavy hitter when it’s made in that big, bold style, we reckon most chards (including those bold mofos) are happy as larry with a softer, milder cheese like brie. Brie has that soft, buttery, sometimes nutty taste that vibes with chardonnay, turning up that fruit sweetness and complimenting any buttery or smoky notes coming through in the wine. Super refreshing when you’re feeling cheesy.


A killer wine and vine combo - how we love these herby, zesty, rice-filled parcels of joy. Chardonnay and dolmades work because the savoury olive + herb rice seasoning turns up those fruit notes in the chards, and the zesty lemon compliments lighter, unoaked styles too. Plus, it’s grape vine leaves and fermented grape juice. Be at one with nature. 

Smoked salmon blinis

Look - it’s an entertaining classic for a reason, but no one said you had to have an excuse to break out this pairing. Especially good with blanc-des-blancs sparkling chardonnay, or those more restrained cool climate Yarra Valley styles, we’re not going to say anything you haven’t already heard before. And if you have tried this combo? My friend, welcome to the party - no need to dress up. See also - smoked trout pate on toast.

Popcorn w. parmesan cheese

Tbh any savoury style popcorn will get on the same wavelength as a chardonnay (particularly one that’s seen some oak), but if you’re feeling like you want to take it to that next level sprinkle on a handful of shaved parmesan. That extra salty and sharp shot of flavour on the popcorn the parm brings is going to turn up the volume on those fruits you’re getting in each glass. 

Popcorn chicken

We weren’t kidding when we said any savoury style popcorn… okay, maybe we’re starting to stretch it now. But come on, a snack pack of the colonel’s finest and a glass of chardonnay is winner winner, chicken… snack? Something like that. Anyway, however you do your bite size chicken, chardonnay is down to party - that light protein and batter will get on like a house on fire with the mid-to-high acidity of a chard, and the salt will provide a contrasting counterpoint that’ll make those fruits you’re getting in the wine a bit more fruity, same as the above. Did somebody say a glass of chard?

So there you go - five snacky thought-starters. There's always pleasure to be found in a new discovery though, so never be afraid to switch it up and see what works for you.

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